Agreement of is open only to webmasters, being persons whooperate the Web Services described below, and to operators of affiliate programmes for webmasters. By applying for Agreement you agree that, if so requested by from time to time, you will provide to reasonable details of the services that you provide, including, without limit, as to whether you are a webmaster or operate an affiliation programme for webmasters; the programmes that you are a member of or operate; and any websites that you operate.


Terms of Agreement:


1. has been formed to facilitate the provision of prepaid card and payment services to its Members.

2. The Member acknowledges that membership of is only available to businesses who carry on any of the following Web Services or operate affiliate programmes for operators of such services:
- internet traffic (pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, revenue share) services; web design;
- website development;
- web applications programming;
- search engine optimization; web hosting;
- web support;
- content management;
- web publishing;
- domain name sales;
- social media marketing; social media optimization; or internet advertising.


3. The person hereby confirms that it is a webmaster or operates an affiliation programme for webmasters or provides Web Services to the above. For such purposes, a webmaster is a person who operates a website which is used to sell products or services or on which it advertises or provides links to third party websites through which products or services are provided. An affiliation programme for webmasters is a programme under which a provider of products or services through a website enlists webmasters to advertise or sell such products or services.

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