What a bank transfer is and howto bank transfer is used in ecoin.cc

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What a bank transfer is and why it is used:

Bank transfer is a cashless funds transfer from one bank account to another: from an account of one company to an account of another company, transfers between personal accounts or between accounts of companies and personal accounts both in one bank and between accounts in different banks. If you have your personal account or if you manage an account of a company the necessity to use the financial service eCoin.cc might be low for you. Our service is for those who don’t have their personal bank accounts, for those who have difficulties in opening their personal bank accounts, or for those who for some reason want to use bank accounts of a financial intermediary in their financial operations.

What types of bank transfers are made by company eCoin.cc:

Using the financial service eCoin you will be able to receive the following types of bank transfers to your internal account:

  1. International WIRE transfer (an international bank transfer in SWIFT system)
  2. ACH / EFT (a bank transfer between accounts of banks in the USA)
  3. Direct deposit (unding the account with the help of a check or cash; this option is used in the USA)

For receiving bank transfers of this type our company provides bank accounts in a bank in the USA and offshore (bank in St.Vincent)

You can send a bank transfer (to request an outgoing bank transfer from your internal account) both from the account in the American Bank and from the account in the offshore bank.

Online banking provided by the financial payment system eCoin.cc:

In the financial payment system eCoin there is an online banking where a client of the system can view incoming and outgoing bank transfers. In the payment system eCoin each client has his internal account providing a balance of his funds, and a history of his financial operations. A client of the system has an ability to request an outgoing bank transfer (to send money by a bank transfer) from his internal account in the system eCoin.

Cost of the service of making bank transfers in the financial system eCoin.cc:

  1. Receiving an International WIRE transfer to the system eCoin onto your internal account: 0,8 MIN 25 USD;
  2. Receiving an ACH/EFT: 1% of the amount, or minimum 10 USD;
  3. eceiving a check or cash deposit in the bank: 3% or minimum 8 USD;

More detail about the rates for the services provided by the company eCoin you can find on page Rates

Terms for providing a service of bank transfers in the system eCoin.cc:

The service of receiving and sending bank transfers is available for registered clients of the financial system eCoin, whose internal accounts are activated for receiving and sending bank payments. Registration in the system is free of charge and doesn’t take much time. To sign on in the system press this link. More detail about activating an account in the system eCoin can be found on page questions and answers about using the system, in the answer to the question 2: How you can sign on in the system..

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